July 1, 2012, affiliated with IJCAR

StarExec is a cross-community solver execution and benchmark library service under joint development at the University of Iowa and the University of Miami. Its goal is to facilitate the experimental evaluation of logic solvers and other automated reasoning tools by providing a shared storage and computing infrastructure to store, manage and make available benchmark libraries; execute comparative evaluations; and run solver competitions. StarExec should be available for public use in the fall of 2012.

This workshop aims at bringing together developers and users of logic solvers, to introduce them to the StarExec service and obtain feedback that will guide the ongoing development. The StarExec team will present the system as it has been developed thus far. Attendees will be given access to the service so they can use it and provide feedback. Selected leaders of logic solver communities will give presentations highlighting the needs and expectations of their communities. The workshop will conclude with a panel and discussion to elicit the dreams and needs of logic solver users and developers, in the context of the earlier activities.


Aaron Stump, The University of Iowa
Geoff Sutcliffe, University of Miami
Cesare Tinelli, The University of Iowa


09:00‑09:15am   The StarExec Vision
Cesare Tinelli
09:15‑10:00am   The StarExec Implementation
Ben McCune
10:00‑10:30am   Break
10:30‑11:30am   Practicum
Attendees use StarExec (Working through this worksheet.)
11:30‑12:00am   Feedback on Use of StarExec
12:00‑13:30pm   Lunch
13:30‑15:00pm   Presentations by Logic Solver Community Leaders
Armin Biere (HWM), Giovambattista Ianni (ASP), Olivier Roussel (SAT), Johannes Waldmann (Termination)
15:00‑15:30pm   Break
15:30‑16:30pm   Panel and Discussion
Geoff Sutcliffe (Moderator), David Cok (SMT-COMP), Andrei Paskevich (Why3), Stephan Schulz (E-prover), Michael Tautschnig (SV-COMP)